The Bubble of Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism the View from Mars

Currently (2020) Western Societies are inundated by the Tsunami of cultural Marxism, how did it come about and what can be done?

Lets briefly add some political perspective to help you understand the causes of cultural Marxism :

Authoritarian communist government is controlling of your life, to transition from freedom to authoritarianism there needs to be an excuse, a moral veil, this is the function of political correctness to provide the moral veil of goodness (which is hypocritical/fake but served by mass media as valid), the excuse for cancel culture the harsh punishment of dissent.

Political correctness/wokness is the tool of the authoritarian, add fear married to political correctness by using the Covid virus scaremongering and now you walk in life with a dog collar around your neck in the form of face masks … thats your training for serfdom and the ugly smile of corporate communism, a hybrid where the serfs live in communism while the billionaire masters are the new commisars.

Communist theory tells us that true communism can only exist in a global setting, Chinese communist inteligencia has sold this to Western big capital as ‘Davos globalism’ a one world government where big capital as the new commissars reign over the world’s serfs.

President Trump (the ‘anti-christ‘ of socialism/globalism) has arrayed against him nearly all of the mass media, academia, tech world and many corporations from Amazon to Nike, why? You ask .

Cultural Marxism is the idea that groups of people have taken advantage of other people and Marxism seeks to right the wrongs, nearly always (in modern practise) by victimising the previously ’dominant’ group , seems that two wrongs always make a right according to this philosophy.

‘Taken advantage’ in classic Marxism refers to division of the spoils of production, how much should labourers take and how much the entrepreneur? should the market define the split? Marxists remove the entrepreneur, the state decides what is produced and what labour gets, a silly idea where everyone is a slave to the ‘community’ (of slaves) and has failed detested everywhere it was practised

Bubble of Cultural Marxism

Antonio Gramsci a neo-Marxist philosopher thought that Marxist socialism could be achieved mostly peacefully through the institutions by dominating academia, mass media, bureaucracies and churches, this philosophy/strategy influenced many like Rudi Dutschke a German Marxist sociologist and activist who wrote an article in the 1960’s that embodied the thinking of many leftists, it was called ‘the long March’ a gradual attempt to infiltrate and dominate social institutions, on the way the new left invented the tool of ‘repressive tolerance’ which seeks to ban other views , for current examples see twitter and social media banning/editorialising conservative views.

Fragmentation and poisoning of society

The goal is to make Marxist norms the society norms, It is called ‘political correctness’ and it is easy to achieve if you dominate the social and mass media, academia, and bureaucracies.

To destabilise free democratic societies and enable political correctness (Marxist ideology) you need to fragment society, easily done through identity politics, turn women against men, black against white, moslem against christian, homosexuals against heterosexuals, immigrant against native and on it goes Ad absurdum, to speed things along you take things to extreme by overreaching, so we have overreaching feminism, overreaching homosexuality (were children change gender) – just persuade one group it is oppressed and promise it the other group’s assets, greed always wins.

The goal is to break down the family because it is antithetical to the commune, peoples only allegiance should be the community, individually they don’t exist, only as a (lemming) part of the commune they have existence.

A special mention has to be given to illegal immigration, it lowers wages (benefit to rich) and increases social fragmentation (benefit to Marxists) so it is all good, dare say anything against it … you will be ostracised as ‘racist’ one of the ‘bad’ labels of political correctness (Marxist enforcement ideology)

Cancel culture is a secondary enforcement mechanism of political correctness, if you do not obey its social pressure diktats then you will be cancelled, banned from social media, fired from your job or boycotted to ruin.

Social pressure/punishment techniques come naturally to Marxists and socialists because their whole ideology is about the ‘commune’, society being a dictator on top of people, individual freedom means nothing to them, paradoxically the bossy ’commune’ does not have a brain, it is a human invention so the Socialist leaders become the ‘commune’ (dictators in reality).

We therefore find jobs that are community centric taken over by Marxists and socialists such as journalists, sociologists, public education and the like.

The Marxist goal would never have succeeded if they did not find an unlikely ally, big Western Corrupt Globalist finance elites (Billionaires, bankers, Multinational corps) , the marriage occured in UK during Tony blair’s ‘new labour’ era, however it had occured years earlier with the Democrat party of the USA.

Molon Lave - Civil War?
Civil War ?

The Marxist goal of destabilising/destroying society and countries was welcome to Globalist big finance elites as it enabled them to establish a business model Of dictating terms to national leaders they controlled and influenced, however Globalist elites wanted an insurance policy that the Marxists will not turn against them , so they promoted and made the Marxist leadership (that plays ball) wealthy and compromised them through corruption, book deals after they leave office, jobs and investments with family members etc … the ways to corrupt politicians can be very creative.

The seeds of destruction of the ‘long March’ of Marxism are contained within it. The success of cultural marxism is due ENTIRELY to big finance elites and billionaires like Soros supporting it (95% of billionaires support democratic party in USA, similarly in UK) these people OWN the mass media and have means to influence politicians and finance NGO’s

Burst Bubble
The Bubble Burst

YES all the tools of the left are provided by the corrupt establishment big finance! And thats the weakness of cultural Marxism, big finance is doing this for cheap labour, laws that benefit big money (often veiled), government cash (crony capitalism) and access to big markets at any cost to National economies. The success of cultural Marxism will become a problem when the Marxists oppose any of this and they will as it is ultimately in their philosophy .

Here I must acknowledge a deeper truth to be found in Nietzsche, my buddy who was born posthumously, read him if you wish preferably on a sunny day…and if you still have time Read the ‘god’ Aristotle and sceptically read Marx, he got some things right but reached some short sighted/wrong conclusions… The future of humanity will be something unrecognisable that draws from all these philosophies.

Are you fed up of Cultural Marxism and its looney political correctness? No worries, let the Marxists loose on big finance, guide them where it matters 🙂


Medical and environmental tyranny are currently used as a means to a political end, a bid for more power by the ‘elites’, through corporate soft communism billionaires like Prince Charles (a globalist & ‘environmentalist’) want a world were they own everything and reign over the socialist masses.

Libertarians must embrace religious people as allies, Christianity (and other religions) is an antidote against evil for those that cannot defend agaist it, if you meet a socialist help them see ‘god’, they need clear rational rules to escape the clutches of those preying on them.

Since you made it this far I will gift you this ‘poem’ (by Weinstein) better read with a techno music version of your local National anthem 🙂

‘What if those calling for empathy have a specific deadness of empathy?

Those calling for justice are unjust?

Those calling privilege are privileged?

Those calling for equality seek to oppress us?

Those anti-racists are open racists?

The progressives seek regress?’

Decent people should not let others play on their decency to make them feel guilty and shut up, lets not let beta males, weirdos and losers run amok in society trying to re-engineer it to a misfit reflection of themselves.