Pandoras gift

Covid 19 – a virus with fringe benefits

Why have the lives and businesses of so many people in ‘western’ countries be so very much affected by a flu virus variant called Covid 19?

Common sense people have asked the simple question ‘why close down businesses for months when even during the black death or any other pandemic in history it was not done?’ , we hear that the disease barely affects a large portion of the populace and only results in death or serious difficulty to people 45 years of age and over (mostly the over 80+) who are otherwise health compromised.

I actually know of friends who tested positive for Covid antibodies and never knew they had it! Is that the extremely dangerous virus? So lets think about this because it makes no sense …

Deadly Virus ?

Bad Fortune As a Weapon

Is Covid 19 a weapon unleashed by China targeting the ’western’ world so it could achieve hegemony against a paralysed world?

Well, we know that China initially prohibited travel from the infected area of Wuhan to other parts of China, however they allowed them to fly to other countries and spread the virus worldwide, why?

If Chinese leadership is ambitious and want to expand their country’s power and influence (therefore their own as well) then it is not hard to understand why.

At some point, early on, it became clear to the Chinese leadership that China would suffer serious economic consequences due to the virus and it would fall back economically, the only way to prevent that was for the rest of the world to also suffer the same damage, thats one line of thought that makes sense considering China‘s ethics of forced labour camps and the like.

Pandoras Box of Weaponised Gifts

USA President Trump’s biggest success was the economy, the stock market shot ever higher breaking new records, employment was at all time highs, the desperation of those who opposed him was immense.

How they wished the economy would go bad and Trump’s re-election could be averted, then from China ‘with love’ came the flu virus Covid 19 that would do precisely that !

If you hated Trump would you not embrace the Covid 19 shutdown? In fact lets make it last all the way to election day! Except to protest against him. Thats exactly what happened with the mass media hyping the threat and terrorising the population, wearing a face mask has to become politically correct to in-still and re-enforce the fear and belief of the extreme danger.

The communist plot by China helped by the lefty journalists in mass media to create havoc in society and usher neo-Communism?

Communist journos and mass media further helped matters along by making a big deal about the 2nd degree murder/death of a single black man (when scores are killed every day in gang warfare) to stoke racial tensions as a precursor to rioting and looting which plays well with the bad economic consequences of the shutdown to destabilise the Trump administration.

Ok lets assume that all this is coincidental and boy do I love coincidences on a pattern!

You may ask yourself why the European countries and others some with socialist prime minister/President also had Economic shutdowns? Why destabilise them?

Globalism In Action

You should understand the primacy of the United States and the global nature of big finance/Industry, USA is the main show, the rest are supporting acts, to better understand the connection between big finance and neo-communists read my other article ‘cultural Marxism the view from Mars’

Billionaire supporting Marxists and a marionette

Why the British, German, French , Spanish and other people ‘peacefully’ protested/rioted for something that happened in USA to a convicted black felon rightly or wrongly? why those virtues of morality did not try to stop criminal damage or at least demonstrate against it? and why all these statutes are targeted in USA ,UK, France?

Why British people protest to ‘defund the police’ when they were not involved in the US case that started the ‘movement’ and the stats as well as the populations are radically different in UK

Clearly there is a Globalist Political angle here with USA at its center and a bigger plan pursued, namely communist agitation seeking to neutralise the police while creating social chaos as a prelude to communist takeover.

The Marxists, Anarchists and other rioting low lives are much like a barking dog dreaming of a stake but on a lease on the other end of which is globalist finance/industry, I want to leave you with this imagery and that of a lemming passing by wearing a face mask in self bondage while the fat ‘Charitable’ billionaire class looks on smiling approvingly..

Let’s unmask the fear, the medical police state is communism’s path to take over society.

Here is the big picture, medical and environmental tyranny are just means to a political end, a bid for more power by the ‘elites’, through corporate soft communism billionaires like Prince Charles (a globalist & ‘environmentalist’) want a world were they own everything and reign over the socialist masses.

Guentzburg .

Update 20 Nov 2020: Interesting article writen a couple of months after ours: