Office Of The President Of USA

USA Election 2020 Intelligence Report

Globalists and Bureaucrats V. The People.

  • This report is released to the public for consideration as the events we undergo touches the lives of everyone, all of you, coming out of lockdowns and restrictions, bondaged in masks, you have taken wittingly or not part in a battle.

A massive struggle is occurring in our ‘western’ societies, to understand it the most important thing is to conceptualise the battlefield, the forces at play and their command and control structures.

To put it simply there are 3 forces at play, first the ‘govt bureaucrat community’ and other communist/socialist/anarchist ‘brotherhood’ (the tools), second the globalist wealthy elites (uber greedy) and finally the people who fight for real liberal (Libertarian not lefty) democracy, the majority of the regular population support the latter.

Socialist BIG STATE Bureaucracies

People who are employed by the government directly or indirectly (including teachers, lecturers, police) they get their money from the government and the way to more power and wealth (often by corruption) is big government so they develop political beliefs that align to their self interest of big unaccountable government, therefore they espouse socialism/communism as a way to achieve that desire for more power and wealth, it is not that they don’t know better as they often claim but their greed overrides the common good and common sense rationality.

Crony Capitalist Big Finance

In the past the wealthy sided with conservative libertarian parties of low taxation and low government interference, not anymore, as concentration of wealth increased these uber rich elites want total wealth and power and are siding with totalitarian political forces like the politicians and bureaucrats which they are used to bribe in various ways, these socialist/Marxists have formed a pact with big capital (ironic, I know), the corporate mass media (owned by big capital) are unmistakably pushing far left propaganda.

The People

Both the bureaucracies and Big capital are used to feed of the productive force of the people, their target is the middle class which heads the body we call ‘the people’, the way to take more money is to subjugate them to effective serfdom, have them own nothing and ‘be happy’.

The Battlefield

We now understand the main actors or opposing sides ‘armies’ of this battle which has been going on for many years but has reached a peak on the battlefield of the 2020 USA election, the Bureaucrat/Globalists scored the first hit which however exposed their weaknesses, the peoples response is slowly coming, 6 months later its starting to take shape …

I now present to you a scenario that can be labeled any way you like, some may call it a conspiracy theory, however the trouble with ‘conspiracy theories’ is that some of them are true.

The Scenario

Consider this scenario:

But first a word from our ex-KGB friend Yuri bezmenov detailing the battle strategy:

How to Convert Society to Crony Capitalist Faux Marxism
  1. Find or create social divisions by any means necessary, break families and society apart, for example through identity politics
  2. Create an outrageously big lie(s) (that helps your cause) with a kernel of truth to disguise it , for example Covid19 or that biden won the US election
  3. Conceal your hand making out the story (lie) came from someone else, for example fund the Wuhan laboratory to create a virus, which escapes, then let the World Health Organisation to tell people who dangerous the new virus is and jump on board to hype it to the max.
  4. Find yourself a usefull idiot to promote the lie, for example antifa & deep state commies, or paid ‘idiots’ like the mass media .
  5. If they try to expose your lie, deny everything, accuse others of what you are guilty of.
  6. Play the long game, poison society over many years corrupting the system.

In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation published a research paper with various political scenarios, one of them called ‘lock step’ is a scenario where a pandemic has hit the world allowing governments to use it to expand their authority and increase their grip on power, taking power from the people and into Oligarchs hands.

Among the strategies used by the Bureaucrat/Oligarch Cabal is an old one, an ancient Chinese strategy once said ‘Arm your enemy with your own weapons’ , If the people want election examinations offer your own examiners, if they want to be informed offer your own media, the mass corporate media that big finance ultimately owns.

Let’s for a minute rewind the clock back to the Obama administration, there is a lot about that administration that interfered with the 2020 election.

Obama’s chief of CIA was Brennan, we should aquaint ourselves briefly with a CIA tool called ‘hammer’, this piece of software is connected to the ‘Internet backbone’ and has access to all internet data including emails and online messages, social media posts and some phone communications which nowadays are often digital, the ‘hammer’ can compress and store all internet data and analyse them for keywords, or particular telephone number data (conversations), it can actually do some fairly deep data queries.

The ‘hammer’ contains a suite of tools such as ‘sunset’, ‘sunrise’,’scorecard’ which perform these specialised exploits.

I am sure everyone understands the power of this spy tool, it has been used to uncover terrorist conspiracies overseas by US army intelligence and the CIA but it can also be used to spy on regular people in USA and elsewhere, including ‘important’ people like judges, politicians, buisnessmen and ‘key’ people needed or standing in the way of furthering certain political/economic goals.

Such spying can uncover crimes or embarrasing information that can be very costly to a person and can be used to blackmail them, this is a very important point to remember.

Since Feb 2009 the ‘Hammer’ was used (illegally) internally in the USA to surveil Supreme court and other senior Justices, Military leaders, Law firms, Business leaders, members of congress, the FISA court, political opponents of the Barrack Obama regime (like Trump) and extended families of these people.

The aim of this illegal surveilance was to obtain leverage and strategic information. Uncovering the illegal surveilance is of no consequence once judges can be blackmailed by the products of the surveilance.

Muller of the FBI provided the funding for the project to apply the ‘Hammer’ surveilance to the USA (massive computing power needed) , it was then applied/carried out by CIA director Brennan and Clapper the National intelligence director.

This operation was carried out of fort washington and Baltimore.

The CIA has been using the tool overseas in ‘defence’ of US interests and had the required experience, the products of this surveilance were passed to the National Inteligence director (Brennan) who used it politically to further the goals of the Obama administration, the FBI top leadership under Comey provided cover and acted as a compliant tool when needed.

All these deep state operatives, Brennan, Comey, Clapper , Obama are communist sympathisers and political activists , their use of the illegal surveilance and blackmail was to further political ideology aims, but its notable that they have become a lot richer too, later I have a lot to say about their money…

The underlings of this cabal who carried out the work are also socialists and opportunists, it is worth mentioning that the Obama administrtion placed in the 2-3 top layers of all important government agencies (including the army) communist/socialist sympathisers .

Journalists, Judges, Busines leaders, top Army operatives, police chiefs , politicians and more may very well be blackmailed with the private information collected by the ‘hammer’ , this is an immensly powerfull vice to use, all these people can then act against Trump and the patriotic american majority, an administration can easily be undermined, elections can be easily forged/rigged with no judge willing to look into the fraud, no law enforcement agent able to investigate.

You can understand now the hornets nest President Trump entered into when he was elected President for his 1st term.

Now we come at a very crucial point that you must carefuly read, army intelligence (including cyber command) knew exactly what the FBI and CIA were up to with the illegal spying and blackmail and while Obama was still president (before the election of 2016) a group of army officers met Trump and asked him if he would support them ‘deposing’ Obama, Trump persuaded them not to do so.

The names of these officers will not be disclosed as they are even more relevant today than back then, however one of them is widely known, the director of defence inteligence in the Obama administration and brave patriot General M.Flynn.

Through the illegal spying of political enemies the Obama administration was able to associate General Flynn’s name with the opposition, there is an old saying ‘loose lips sink ships’, the general then came under suspicion, you can read about it in the news of that period .

Another thing that must be understood is that not all CIA operatives are unpatriotic and blinded/brainwashed by utopian communist ideals, if the finger of blame points among other at the CIA undermining fair elections in USA (the CIA server in Frankfurt Germany was taken by military intelligence in 2020) you may also find that some foreign backers/financiers of this plot may have died suddenly of ‘natural causes’ .

Going back to the 2016 election of president Trump Some intelligence operatives launched ‘operation freedom’ to expose the ‘hammer’ illegal spying by the Obama Cabal, the very next day Comey starts the ‘Trump Russia Colusion’ hoax investigation as a defensive measure to pressure leverage and a distraction against exposure, they then seek to take out an architect of ‘operation freedom’ Army lieutenant general and Trump National Security Advisor Michael Thomas Flynn , an operation that was sucessfull with the help of Vice President Pence, a traitorous individual allegedly with sexual secrets to hide, Pence will become usefull later on after the 2020 election in sabotaging Trump’s efforts to expose vote fraud.

The attacks against the Obama cabal and the top 2-3 layers of deep state leadership continued erratically by Trump loyalists against all odds , meeting with ‘crossfire’ and sabotage by the deep state commies ( some of their operations aptly named ‘crossfire hurricane’ etc).

Mass corporate media are owned/controlled ultimately by globalist big finance, they act as the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, stirring discontent whenever the Trump administration tried to clean the bad actors of the deep state.

It is important to understand the full range of the anti Patriot cabal actors arrayed against the Judeo-Christian Democratic libertarian ethos middle classes (including a good portion of traditional working classes) , and Trump who is their champion.

I have already talked about the Obama group, the blackmailed group that includes politicians,judges etc but there is another important powerfull group the wall street-London-Berlin axis of greedy financiers like Soros and the major multinational corporations they own/control, the finance elites that bribed Obama (nice book deal and fat speaking fees = fast track to ‘legitimate’ multimillionaire status) and other political leaders, who are for the most part members of the Davos crowd, to this ‘financial elites’ we must add the major criminal organisations which possess massive financial muscle and are often operated ultimately by ‘legitimate’ financiers.

Financial (e.g.Soros funds over 200 NGO groups) and social media oligarchs (e.g. Zuckerberg) joined the criminal elites and foreign enemies acting as domestic traitors organising the apparent U.S. election fraud on the ground, in the case of the EU (e.g. Italy) and China cyber election fraud .

A lot of the organisation and funding was provided by Obama himself through the 14 pallets of cash diverted from the Iran nuclear deal, the amount for the deal was inflated by $400 million so money could be diverted for ‘the cause’ (Obama’s communist utopia operations).

Here I should mention: the ‘hedge fund’ Staple Street Capital which owns the ‘dominion’ voting machine company, they received $600 million in before the USA election from Chinese owned UBS securities LLC etc

Carlyle Group, (believed to have close ties to CIA and intelligence services) the second biggest private equity group in the world, I believe they love the idea of serfdom for the masses, the co-CEO of Carlyle group is also COO of Staple Street Capital.

Morgan Stanley, they own 4.11% of staple street capital.

SCYTL which owns ‘clarity elections’ a data management firm that reports election totals whose servers in Frankfurt were apparently confiscated, the company is owned by Paragon whose president, COO, secretery, treasurer is arguably a Democratic activist Jonathan Brill.

There were traitors inside President Trump’s team notably his vice president Mike Pence, the secretary of state Mike Pompeo (Thomas Smithin etc) and his former underling the CIA head Gina Haspel, to include the Republican party leadership (Kevin Mc Carthy, Mitch McConnell).

When Trump was elected the ‘Obama’ and Finance Oligarchs plan to transform society into a commune (faux Marxism) with a top layer of corporate elitists (re-imagined commisars) was in danger to be reversed, the plan to make sure the next election was going to be ‘won’ by them was set into motion, parralel with obstructionism and undermining of the Trump administration with help from the deep state Republican corrupt establishment.

We know a lot about the chinese fake voting ballots arriving in New York and transfered by trucks here and there, we know about the election cyber attacks from China and the EU (Italy,Spain,Germany) on the election machines and all that, we know that Trump said USA will never become socialist etc, we know about the executive order against foreign interference in USA elections, we know about the insurection against the Trump admin, but why did Trump leave? why he did not invoke the insurection act? why are we in a ‘Banana Republic’ limbo?

Focus on the international elements of this operation, supposed allies of the USA were involved from the steel dossier (UK & Australia) to their involvement in the 2020 US presidential election, think of Italy’s involvement and Leonardo satellite (German pawn) the Scytl server in Germany …. The hostility of German Chancellor Merkel against Trump and his mocking by the UK prime Minister Boris Johnson, these two clowns are puppets of their elites, Merkel of German Industrial and financial interests and Boris of the city of London global financial interests.

An opinion is that German Industrial based establishment and the UK royal family at the top of global finance interests are behind the European globalist push towards an elitist Pseudo Marxist totalitarian state, in the USA Soros and other hedge funds (black rock..) use Obama and his Marxists as allies to the same cause. China is all too willing to support the totalitarian effort and has been part financing it.

The 2020 election is not over, Trump did not leave the battlefield but done a strategic retreat, always tough to give ground as it demoralises the troops but strategy on the battlefield often demands it.

Pseudo Socialism & Globalism Uber Alles


There you have it, European elites led by German ones came up with the pseudo Marxist ‘new normal’ society, Soros joined them from the start later they persuaded US elites to become allies to the cause, Obama was the U.S. president at the time and his Marxist schooling and Ideology tied well with what Merkel had in mind .

The plan in motion towards the ‘new normal’ society of pseudo ‘neo Marxist’ and pseudo ‘globalist’ society of ‘happy’ serfs and ‘enlightened’ super wealthy rulers [the deserve it after all for being so smart, enlightened and ‘educated’ 🙂 ], this plan was endeangered when desite the cheating Trump won the presidential election of 2016.

Determined to stick to the timelines for the ‘new normal’ society and prevent another massive landslide for Trump, the plot to steal the election of 2020 was hatched utilising every ‘conceivable’ means of cheating on an industrial scale involving local US actors, the EU allies to the plan and China (hurt by policy of Made in USA and bid stop intellectual theft of USA businesses, also Trump opposed Chinese expansionism) with its proxies in Iran & Pakistan (Trump stopped US aid to Pakistan) , surprisingly Russia chimed in as well (Trump sent arms to Ukraine) in a small scale with interference through Serbia.

The mad dash to continue the ‘new normal’ project exposed all the participants , their corrupt pawns, their deep state Marxist allies and those compromised and blackmailed.

Why the mad dash? because the ‘new normal’ project of the crony Capitalists and Pseudo neo Marxists needs to be ‘global’ at least in the western world, through electoral corruption they had managed to install fragile puppets in charge of all European governments the US needed to come into the orbit while the stars aligned to use an analogy, time was of the essence.

Article Updated end May 2021 and August 2021.