The Globalist Game

The Mad Surge to the Left, the Lockdowns, the Voting Anomalies, BLM, Covid19, Biden, Merkel, Boris and more

What is behind the attacks by the Marxist left on our society, the new ethos and novel interpretation of history along Marxist lines in our Universities, schools, mass press?

Why are governments around the world restructuring society along seemingly socialist/communist lines ‘taking the knee’ to globalism’s authoritarian dictats? (lockdowns, suspension civil rights, ineffective obligatory masks in public etc)

Many people across Europe, USA and elsewhere feel that voting is a waste of time, rarely are their views represented by the ‘elected’ politicians, currently over 50% of the USA population feel there was massive fraud in the US presidential election which elected with more votes than any US president in history an obviously senile apparently corrupt old man who barely campaigned at all, in Britain a very unpopular Mayor of London was re-elected leaving nearly everyone aghast, what is going on?

Our belief is that a global endeavour has been pursued for a while now by big finance elites such as Soros, Black Rock inc, and others through lawfare entities and a myriad of other non governmental non profits such as Soros ‘open society foundations’, Kellog foundation, Thousand Currents non profit and others, augmented by a drive to choose public elected officials and control governments worldwide through financing desirable candidates but also though bribery, blackmail, election interference (dominion election systems and the like).

Knowing that election outcomes are predetermined by the elites arguably created the uniparty that rules Britain, the USA uniparty and others, where all main parties sing same hymn that furthers the elites goals.

The ultimate goal of the endeavours of the faux Marxist elites , the ‘globalists’ is not Communism/Socialism but authoritarian crony capitalism, a world that has similarities to Communism thats why its often mistaken for it and has been able to recruit and use Marxists as useful idiots in driving the globalists real aims.

The globalist elites ideal world is one where they dictate what will be produced, what people are allowed to consume, and where they are allowed to go by using a social scoring system (a prototype of which is the vaccine passport and the Covid19 tracing up) peoples movements and obedience to the elite’s dictats will be marked, those that obey get a bit more food and a bit more freedom, if they are really obedient they can even go holidays, as an example In China people of low social score cannot use public transport .

This authoritarian world is one of serfs and elites, not too far removed from other authoritarian systems like China’s communism. (update July 2021: billionaire Charlie Mungo and Warren Buffett say the US should learn from Chna’s authoritarianism)

Naturally, the global elites will have total freedom to do whatever they like with their serfs, thats the game, a big grab for total power and wealth by the worlds richest and most powerfull.

Here are some Interesting facts: A division of Black Rock Inc is the BlackRock Investment Institute which produces political analysis of world events to help Black Rock Inc , its Chairman is Tom Donilon who was Obama’s National Security advisor and an advisor to (arguably illegitimate president) Biden through his (sketchy) political career .

Tom Donilon’s brother Mike Donilon is a senior policy advisor to Biden, Tom’s wife is the White house personnel director, Tom’s daughter Sarah Donilon works for the white house National security Council.

Some might say that Black Rock is the White House, dictates policy and staffs the white house.

Black Rock inc is a $8.68 trillion hedge fund, Soros has plenty and so do other hedge funds who collectively surely own the mass media in the west, we know Bezos owns the washington post for one, which politician will dare oppose them?

Covid Vaccinations are rather profitable to big pharma, mandatory vaccinations are a money spinner, I wonder who owns big pharma, any guesses? big Finance ?

For more details read the bottom of our article ‘USA election 2020 intelligence report’ under the header ‘Global Attack’