First Published 15th February 2011 edited 2019

TOTALITARIAN BRITAIN is New Labour’s Recipe.
We All Know That Communists like Marx, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao wanted to control society and achieved that by state control of everything, we call this brutal totalitarianism.

What is perhaps not immediately apparent is how their sort of ‘secret’ adherents in today’s Britain try to achieve this.

Changing a democratic country to brutal totalitarianism will never be achieved with majority consent by the public, no sane people will ever choose to be deprived of their freedoms.

A modern political party will need to fool both the business world and the populace, it will need to wear a benign mask and adopt a gradualist approach, make small steps harmless in themselves but in their gradual totality destructive of freedom and democracy.

Furthermore, it will be most successful if it can use the natural enemy of totalitarianism, Business, against the democratic state of society. Business working hand in hand with the communists may not be as hard to achieve as first imagined, in fact it has happened and we have just lived it here in Britain.

New Labour Britain

NEW Labour

New Labour is term coined to describe a new approach to politics and society, aiming to make the labour party electable again in Britain, I believe it was a creation of Tony Blair (and his advisors no doubt).

People perceived the new labour message as honest and libertarian, and elected it, and it’s charismatic’ (easy when socialist mass media are on your side) leader Tony Blair, to rule Britain for 10 long years.

The way to get business on your side is by appeasing their immoral greediness for gain, rather than fight against private business it as a marxist/communist would, understanding that helping big business become bigger serves the purpose of creating big oligopolies which can then eventually be Nationalised creating a communist society, as we have seen in Soviet Russia few state owned companies dominated the economic life of the nation.

Allowing abusive practises by big businesses, while attacking smaller entities made big business a friend of new labour.

Political Correctness

Social backing can be achieved by utilising conflicts between social groups, aligning with one side against the other, usually supporting the minority groups, because they understand that without government assistance they will lose out, such social groups then are locked as servants of the regime. They will even work against the good of society as a whole if they are so ‘instructed’, otherwise they will lose government support and their high status in society.

Who are these groups?

Social status is desired by every social group, most of all by those considering (or can be persuaded to consider) themselves as oppressed for example, women, and religious and racial minorities. (the former a perpetual state of mind, see Freud)

Political Correctness is one of the most powerful tools to manipulate society
The structure of the ‘Political correctness’ propaganda message is one of using high-flying words, disguising the recipe for despotism.

Big Society

It is entertaining to see that the present right wing government is in a sense copying labour’s smoke and mirrors policies, by dressing itself up in socialist garb, like the Big Society slogan, a flagship policy term of the 2010 conservative party used in the general election of that year.

Clearly socialists/communists are for a big homogeneous ‘big society’, while what is considered as the right wing in contrast is for individualism, (nothing like explaining the obvious).

Epilogue Blog

I had the unfortunate experience of arriving in Britain when new Labour came to power, a penniless entrepreneur, I felt the uncaring and oppressive attitude of the government early on, another failing policy that brought the country near bankruptcy, a situation left to the new conservative government to sort.

New Labour quashed personal freedoms, like your typical dictatorial regime, and gave the perfect tool to corrupt Policemen to oppress and harass citizens, the infamous and disgraceful section 5 of Public order act, which makes it an offence to have an opinion if it is deemed that it alarms and frightens others , laughable right?

Yeah, its called a ‘catch all’ law, anyone can be convicted at the whim of a policeman, and obliging Magistrates (which are your average school teacher/accountant etc) are glad to oblige the police, gives them a sense of power I guess and being part of the system.
This wanton criminalisation of society is typical of tyrannical regimes, the citizen is always guilty and on the defensive.

Being a neighbour to a policeman becomes scary, the institutions responsible for defending the citizen from these abuses have a ‘poser status’ not fit for purpose, they fail miserably, additionally, Having schoolteachers and the like become Judges (magistrates) is a bad idea (the USA has stated that it is unfair to the citizen), combine this with political/public policy, corrupt police and self-important Judges too important to spend time on really considering citizens pleas, and too eager to prove that the system is never wrong and you can guess the outcome.
(In my opinion the corruption in state agencies is so organised and deep that will defy attempts to reform), unfortunately I witnessed the case of a friend going through this process.

Watching the revolution in Egypt, I long for the same freedom here in Britain, but leaving this hopeless land is probably the only realistic solution, like the ‘wondering Jew’ we must have our bags always ready … Taxi! 🙂

Since I am writing from Un-free Britain I have to say that all the above are my personal opinions and may not represent your reality .

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