Egyptian Revolution – The Christmas Episode

First Published 15th February 2011 edited 2019

Note: This was written before the Military took power again in a coup d’etat.

The Egyptian revolution was hastily concluded as thought to a set plan. It all went beautifully smoothly, people protested and the dictatorship collapsed in shame, not a shot being fired in anger (more or less).

Pass the pop-corn, how I love happy endings, it was like the best of Hollywood.

Obama gave friendly advice to the Egyptian dictatorship and they immediately realised that crashing the unarmed protesters was in bad form, so the tanks rolled out to protect the protesters, sweet like a giant lollipop !

Putting my 3D x-ray glasses to enjoy the show, I see many marvelous scenarios, could Egyptian freedom have been a prelude to attacking Iran?

The World Is A Stage In Cairo

It has been my thesis here at that the US will attack Iran, this will be stressfull to the gentle heart of the muslim Arabs, already suffering oppression by dictatorial regimes, a highly destabilising explosive mix.

he gorgeous minds at the US state department decided to ease the steam a little bit ahead of the upcoming Iran showdown, therefore they dressed in cinderela outfits andhelped the Egyptian people overthrow the 80 year old tyrant, (not much to lose really, at this age he was on his way out anyway).

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a known master of disguise and subtletly, wasted notime recommending to Iran to do the same as the US puppet Mubarak, latest is that theyrefused and some Iranian facebook fans got shot, what a surprise! horror of horrors..

Hey guys, at this rate facebook will soon have no Iranian fans, other bright sparks took tothe streets in Syria, another comedy of shorts.

Ballet aficionados will enjoy this picture of Tahir Square, brave hearts do it best, what posture, it encapsulates all the beauty of freedom.

Sorry Egypt, The Pharaoh is dead.

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