Britain – A Resident’s View

Originally Published: sept 18th 2011 edited 2019.

Unfree anUnfair, BritaiDeclineInto AInsignificant and hated Land.

I am sitting in my living room looking out of the window at a wet busy London road, for those of you too far away, in foreign lands, and those of you living here in Britain, but too busy or too frightened to look around and see the cesspit that we live in, I have penned here a resident’s guide to London, Britain.

The following are my opinions, since we live in a quasi-Orwellian state let’s just say that the following are just my perceptions as a citizen and that that I don’t have any substantial hard evidence to support these opinions.

Lack of Accountability and Transparency To Citizens Has Led To Widespread Corruption.

  • Just back from the gym, the guys in the changing room where talking about how corrupt the police are, I said nothing, but was shocked to find that what I thought were the opinions of an uncompromising cynic are actually shared by a lot of people.

Cast your mind on how many years it took to find hard evidence to convict Al Capone and you get the picture … the stench can be high but grime hides in nooks and crannies. Nonetheless criticism is fair , as Lord Denning said in regards to criticism of judiciary : ‘It is the right of every man, in parliament or out of it, in the press or over the broadcast, to make fair comment, even outspoken comment, on matters of public interest.

The Judiciary and Police – Examples Of Private Enterprise?

It is fair to say that private enterprise has been hit hard in Britain, the only exception are big businesses, they are allowed to do what ever they like, but fret not , private enterprise has been apparently blossoming among the police, to be expected in a modern emerging narcostate such as Britain.

The problem becomes worse than pure organised crime abuse when the channels opened in the police CPS and Judiciary by the narco trade subsequently are used by policemen for personal gain.

So, if your neighbour is a policeman, or has a policeman friend, and you don’t get along, itis highly advisable to move house.

Britain’s Judiciary does not seem bound by the laws in a strict sense, rather it seems to use fairly liberal interpretations of rules and regulations often revolving around political considerations.

The Judiciary is just another governmental instrument of exercising executive power , it is anything but independent, the system of laymen made into judges called Magistrates has seemingly boosted incompetence and corruption within the Judiciary while giving massive leverage to the government to manipulate the judicial system to its political will, infusing it with political dogma, it has become nearly totally subservient to government policies, original credit for this must be given to Tony Blair (the greatest demagogue, opportunist and plutocracy servant in British History ).

The only ‘independence’ I detect in the Judiciary and more so in the police is rampant private enterprise within the framework of public service, a call to a ‘fixer’ contact and problem solved … I have heard someone say they were sold drugs by a policeman, it maybe true or may be false, but is there any doubt that if the courts and police were clean there would be one hell of a lot less drugs on the streets of Britain?

The CPS (prosecuting authority) and Police in my opinion have descended into extreme corruption and immorality, wholesale destroying the fabric of society and business for personal gain, recently a case against 5 policemen for corruption collapsed because the CPS messed up evidence gathering (accidentally no doubt)..

Nearly everyone and their dog has a criminal record by now. You can hardly be British if you don’t have some sort of a criminal conviction, much like the subprime mortgage crisis where banks gave mortgages to anyone so staff along the business hierarchy would collect bonuses, the CPS, Police and Magistrates (the dream team) gave criminal convictions to nearly anyone.

Sec 5 of POA (public order act) gives nearly total power to police and magistrates (schoolteachers etc) to give a criminal conviction to anyone they choose on the most absurd of reasons, this is true hooliganism and just one example of an array of repressive laws, which i believe have been deemed against human rights by the European court .

It has long been government policy that a criminalised society will be more threatened, easier to bully, and therefore more likely to sit back and accept the abuses piled on it by a corrupt and dictatorial government such as the collectivist socialist nanny state, so widely prized by the middle class entitled spoiled morons of the press and greedy politicians.

Political correctness and sect 5 POA made people purposefully scared to speak their mind, free expression becomes freedom to agree with political correctness, there is no reason to criticise unless you are a racist, anarchist, unsocial , criminal or plainly stupid.

Polarisation and conflict within the ranks of the populace helps the Plutocracy agents to rule unopposed, measures were taken to increase this polarisation (identity politics) always giving a good spin to such policies.

Policemen by and large are never convicted of anything, this is taken as proof that the Police is clean as a whistle, and the ‘independent police complaints commission’ a most partisan entity has nearly always been ready to reassure the public that ‘independently’ even the most corrupt of police officers were clean.

There can be no doubt that the judiciary is biased in favour of policemen, this makes police corruption easier to nourish, and makes unwittingly or not, the judiciary accessory to abuses against the populace.

The Ombudsman Scheme.

In Britain, the authorities long ago stumbled upon a great idea: The ‘independent’ Ombudsmen, these are the favourite instrument of the British government to deflect mismanagement and criticism, they are supposed to handle citizen complaints ‘independently’, but nearly always find in favour of the government, on substance, and are composed of people from the ranks of those they are tasked to regulate ‘independently’ , conflicted or what?

JudgNoFoYoWill BJudged..

Personal freedoms have long been suspended, spying on peoples phone calls and or personal affairs has been routinely practised at will by police, government, and big business, often searching for absurd ‘victimless’ crimes, these give virtually a carte blanche to convict anyone for mere thoughts on some ‘politically correct’ absurd theory or other …

Recently (2011) payments by press to police for private info have become an issue of a parliamentary inquiry, these expose the rot a little bit, but are hardly going to lead to any substantive measures.

If you find all this as difficult to believe about Britain, I have to say to you that reality is a hard shock to the dreamer then again my assessment may be wrong, what do I know? I only live in Britain

The British Press – Passing Wind
Britain’s 5 big Nationwide TV stations and newspapers all broadly adhere to socialist talking points a.k.a. political correctness.

They follow government policy and spin, this has become the way journalism is practised in Britain.

The news in every TV channel or newspaper are more or less the same, always filtered through the corset of political correctness.

Recent riots in London (August 2011) and elsewhere in Britain were attributed by all British newspapers and TV channels to thugs motivated by desire to loot, the fact that at its core the demonstrations were against police brutality/corruption and the misfit judicial system, not to mention government ineptitude and failed social policies over decades was totally ignored .

Britain’s press is in effective monopoly/oligopoly, nearly every TV station and newspaper carries the same news, the same spin, with minor variations, this is soviet style propaganda, freedom of opinion is freedom to repeat the same spin because that’s the only ‘rational’ explanation.

If there is a little bit of independence in the press, the need of access to insular government and police to get stories, and important state news, makes the press to further blunt criticism of government (if any exists whatsoever) so as not to be left out.

For many years various newspapers bribed police to get stories and access to confidential information/records etc. While government was pretending to look the other way as long as newspapers behaved (the way it wanted them to). Then in 2011 a new government decided to attack the Media baron (Murdoch) that convicted Britain to 10 years of soviet style nasty and barbaric New Labour rule, Murdoch and his newspapers erstwhile conservative party supporters, switched to labour and helped elect the most opportunistic pro big business and oppressive labour government in history, personal freedoms were quashed, small scale private enterprise devastated, and the fabric of society torn to pieces to appease leftist utopian and insane beliefs.

When Murdoch switched support back to Conservatives , Newspaper payments to Police a decades old (corrupt) practise suddenly became objectionable and officially ‘corrupt’ , Murdoch was summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee and closed his supposedly worst offending newspaper (to the socialist sensibilities of ruling power), but government’s intention was not to slap and frighten Murdoch, who duly played the part but to eject him as a major media player for good from Britain , Murdoch ‘s main objective to take a bigger stake in BskyB was frozen by government, and a terrified ageing Murdoch decided not to press the matter .

Big Business – Bad Mannered Plutocracy

Big Business has routinely been allowed to step over any citizen right they wish to, and to engage in every rogue behaviour they desire almost always without fear of punishment.

In this way labour governments have enlisted big business support, the trend still continues under the present Conservative government.

Government agencies rarely, if ever take to task big business abuses, while various partisan ‘independent’ entities (ombudsmen) attest to big business stellar morality, whenever a complaint is made. The fact that British people are unwilling to criticise authority and eager to accept ‘officialdom’ decisions does not help matters.

For example, there was the story of a woman who was behind her credit card payments and the credit card company endlessly harassed her and her place of work, resulting in the woman losing her job. This was viewed as acceptable behaviour because people ‘must pay their debts’. The fact that the offence of criminal harassment with damages had occurred was deemed relevant by the press.

State Bureaucracy – Banana Boat TNowhere

As far as the overly bloated and excessively well paid state bureaucracy is concerned the citizen is in a state of permanent guilt, he/she must be talked down to and nannied as much as pleasurable , the attitude is that of royalty to a bug. The bureaucracy is always right, there are a number of ‘independent’ ombudsmen entities to which you are steered to when making a complaint, they duly whitewash and prove bureaucracy’s fairness.

During the present economic crises you can always bet that the people spending like crazy in the shops are all government workers, they enjoy job security, supreme pensions and higher wages than the private sector.

Britain is set for creativity and business expansion, not ! Wait, what if other western countries follow the same corrupt failed policies then maybe Britain will shine nevertheless.

Lessons In Anarchy

Education in Britain is beyond diabolical, effectively, there is absolutely nothing to stop headmasters and their staff misbehave or be held accountable for under performance.

Political correctness and un-intelligent leftist utopian dogma dominates school life in British schools.

There is this quiet guy I know, he is a software security engineer (hacker) , he has worked for UK Government Agencies, RollsRoyce, MajorBanks, and very often works for Microsoft too, he has been offered large sums of money to move to the United States , all who use windows and many other applications have benefited from his work, yet he was given failing grades in computing and other subjects in school because he did not embrace the leftist ideology brainwashed in British schools, he had to leave school and skip university to work for a software company .

He was punished for being a white Anglo boy by radical leftist teachers, with an agenda to promote women and racial minorities? Political correctness gone mad?

Competition has been largely eliminated in schools, ‘every one is a winner’ is the mindless slogan, smart (unattractive in politically correct terms) students are convicted to endless boredom in very mediocre classes.


Recent riots in London (Aug 2011) indicate that the British people who long resigned to corruption and plutocracy are beginning to stir, unfortunately, the initially peaceful protests descended to looting by some, a fact which was quickly seized by the establishment to discredit the movement for real change.

Violence and deception against the British people was the answer of the plutocracy agents to the protests, instead of just targett ing looters any form of protest was attac ked by Police, we therefore see Police dispersing bystanders, using kettling techniques on crowds of people etc …

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Well, that’s the Britain that I know, a country sinking in social and economic failure.

Plutocracy and crass political opportunism is just learning that sucking every drop of blood out of the populace is making them sit on a corpse (2011), but they are scared to let Britain breathe lest they revive the ‘beast’ enough to crush them in a burst of creativity, entrepreneurship and growth … therefore Britain remains moribund.

Chinese Toy Made In Britain

I like to leave you with the image of a metaphor, a hollow tin Chinese toy , a clown figure painted in British flag colors, those of arrogance, unfairness and self-righteousness, the little figure is wearing a bandits mask, holding a hammer it moves up and down while shouting in a mindless and alien ‘superior’ voice ‘guilty”…’guilty !’. let’s admire the crown on top of the little fool’s hat. 

Great Britain, Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.

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